Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow 

- Albert Einstein

Eddie Tianyi Zhang

ui / ux design · front-end development

About Me

Hey there, seems like you've stumbled upon my little corner of the web. I'm glad you're here! My name is Eddie, a software engineering intern @ Yelp currently living in San Francisco. In a past life I made games at Zynga and designed CRM solutions at Veeva Systems. This is my personal site, a creative outlet that is all me - simple, organic, raw and unadulterated illustration of myself, my published works and achievements composed over the years. Go ahead. Explore around, break a few things while you're at it and hopefully in the process get learn a little bit more about me.

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#Android Developer


  • Added user onboarding to the Android app, increasing signups
  • Materialized native app to reflect new design philosophies
  • Implemented A/B tests and synthesized experimental findings

    #Android Developer


  • Implemented user critical mobile features for Canada's largest hackathon
  • Helped build new Uber-styled mentoring system for 1000+ attendees
  • App available on Google Play

    #Software Engineer

    C++ / UNITY

  • Architected new core game features for Words On Tour
  • Developed and owned the hangman tile drop algorithm
  • Generated new maps and dynamic user content

    #Website Director

    PHP / SQL

  • Designed, implemented and maintained the UW orientation website
  • Completely revamped and redesigned the EngFoc website
  • 2014

    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass . . .
    It's learning to                           
              Dance in the rain  ”


    "Eddie has been a valuable member to our team. He is very dedicated and always tries to perform to the best of his abilities. He volunteers his time outside work hours to understand and further contribute to the team. He is very social, always positive and has helped improve our work place environment by becoming a member of our social committee. Any project task we gave him was executed autonomously in a timely manner. If he encountered any difficulty, he would seek out assistance from his colleagues and made sure he thoroughly understood the problem before moving on to his next task. Eddie has exceeded all our expectations and we would gladly welcome him back into our team."

    - William Yip - Senior Software Engineer - Zynga Inc., May 2015

    "Eddie is an extremely intelligent and adaptive developer. His unwavering tenacity and drive for solving technical challenges distinguishes him as a rare talent among software engineers. During his time at Veeva, Eddie served as point man for the development and maintenance of our in-house metrics aggregation and reporting utility. I provided Eddie with consultation on various front-end programming problems to which his reception was always positive and open. His utilization of digital and human resources is exceptional and always served as an effective asset when faced with daunting engineering problems. I believe that Eddie will continue to grow substantially throughout his university career and will undoubtedly be a great fit for any team."

    - Kevin Chen - Software Engineer - Veeva Systems, September 2014

    "First and foremost, Eddie has an incredible work ethic and integrity. Whenever I assign a challenge to Eddie, I have no doubt that he would accurately and methodically attack the problem in a timely manner. As his mentor, I trust him fully in his judgment and output. He simply need to understand the goal and immediately goes off to achieve it. During Eddie's short term here, he was able to participate in multiple projects and drive all of them to completion. Finally, and most importantly of which makes Eddie unique, is his ability to bring a fun and energetic atmosphere to the office. Everyone loved working with him and I feel like we were very lucky to have had Eddie as part of the team. I would highly recommend him for any position he decides to pursue in the future."

    - Shawn Luo - Engineering Mentor - Veeva Systems, August 2014

    "Eddie, you are phenomenal. Not only making us a more analytical, efficient, and data-oriented team but also making us a much happier one. You've been a ray of sunshine and happiness. We'll absolutely miss your hard work and amazing attitude."

    - Wood Chai - Lead Engineer - Title Trading Inc., October 2013

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